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To encourage the development of the whole child by providing a comprehensive Montessori education, cultivating independent thought and foundational skills as well as awareness of their environment; empathy for others; social ease and confidence.To establish within a child the intellectual, emotional, and physical rigor needed to become a self-directed learner, flexible thinker, creative problem solver, and support their ever-increasing curiosity about the world in which they live.To help our students to grow up to be successful global citizens.

Infant Child Care Services

Bright Futures Learning Center, provides a safe environment, with licensed, experienced teachers with passion for children. This classroom has a maximum of 3 children (Infants) daily. All parents have access to cameras and audio daily, our security system has the play back feature.

Toddler Class

The toddler class offered academic development, potty training, daily routine and schedule. Am and pm class daly, camera access for parents daily.

Preschool Class - Pre - Kinder aka Pre-K

This class prepares all students for kindergarten. The curriculum consist of Stem & Montessori material. All students that graduate this class excels in the grade level enrolled. Potty training is available. Camera access for each parent daily.

Kindergarten After School Program

This program provides transportation too and from school daily. Homework services are provided after school daily, Meals are also provided daily, (snack, dinner, late night snack). All parents have access to live stream cameras, our camera system has the play back feature as well.

School Age Program - 1st grade - 6th grade

This program provides before and after school care, as well as transportation to and from school daily. All meals are free, up to 6 meals daily. We offer a after school homework program, this program ensures the student has assistance with homework, a daily note will be emailed detailing what was done.

Saturday Care

Bright Futures Learning Center offers weekend care, Saturday's. There is also an overnight options for parents as well. Vacation care and holiday care is included with this program

Ages 0 - 1

  • Infant Care - Full Time
  • Hours - 8 daily
  • Days - 5 weekly

Age 3 years old

  • TK Program
  • Full Time
  • Days - 5 weekly
  • Hours - 8 daily

Pre Kindergarten Program - Age 4 years

  • Pre Kindergarten Program
  • Full Time
  • Days - 5
  • Hours - 8

Age 5 years / School Age

  • School Age Program - Transport Included
  • Full Time - 8 hours / 5 days weekly

Age 6 - 7 years old

  • School Age Program - Transportation Included
  • Hours - 6 daily
  • Days - 5 weekly

Part Time care - Groups - School Age - Ages 6yrs - 12 yrs

  • After School Care - Transportation Included
  • Meals Included - Homework Program Included
  • Camera Access Included for all Parent's
  • 6 hours daily - 5 days weekly

Remind me

Remind me is the Announcement app used to keep all parents informed of any changes happening throughout the day or important announcements.

Accepting Subsidy Programs CCRC

Rodeen Rose Dunn


Rodeen R Dunn, is the director of Bright Futures Learning Center.

Mrs. Maria G

Preschool Lead Teacher

Mrs. Maria is the lead Preschool teacher - West Palmdale

Ms. Ashley R.

Child Care Assistant - Floater

Bright Futures Learning Center LLC - West Palmdale 93551

Mrs. Viviana

Infant Room Lead T.A.

Mrs. Viviana , is the lead Infant room teacher of the West Palmdale location.


Across the country, there are new standards for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) subjects, with educators being charged to be creative and engaging rather than just teaching from a textbook. Montessori our teachers have a jumpstart on their conventional counterparts. Since student engagement is at the forefront of BFLC LLC. our Montessori classroom, we are already actively engaging students in hands-on learning. Beginning in Bright Futures Learning Center environment, our students learn the fundamental rules of math and science through the discovery of natural laws by working with special materials and problem-solving with peers. The work engages the senses and ensures the internalization of concepts, not just memorization of disjointed facts and figures. Through the Montessori concept of Cosmic Education, the curriculum reinforces that everything is interrelated; students see how math and science work harmoniously in nature. The current STEM movement is calling for innovation, collaboration, and hands-on learning and problem-solving. To the Montessori community, this is nothing new. This is what we’ve been doing all along. (From: Rodeen Rose Dunn, Bright Futures Learning Center) The following links provide articles, ideas, and STEM activities for your child at home:

Daily Reports / Camera Access

Bright Futures Learning Center, provides parents with a daily report sent via email at the end of each day. Our teachers send daily announcements regarding students and classroom updates daily through the school app. Parents can also access our cameras live daily, the security system has the play back feature as well.

Meals (6-7) daily

Bright Futures Learning Center, provides our students with a total of 6-7 meals options daily. Breakfast, Am snack, Lunch, Pm snack, Dinner, Late evening snack, beverages. Our facility takes meal distribution seriously, a credientiaed chef cooks & prepares all meals and snacks fresh daily. All allergies are considered and special meals and snacks are provided.


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Have you struggled with previous, child care service ? Well you have found the right place that can accommodate all of your needs. Bflc has a T.K. , Pre -K, Kindergarten, & School age program. We also provide transportation, meals, camera access to all cameras and rooms daily. We accept CCRC.
Bflc provides after hours care, weekend care, overnight care.
Bflc provides a chef daily, our facility serves 6 -7 meals daily. If your student is a picky eater no worries we have options.
Bflc provides transportation to and from school, as well as to and from home.
Yes !
Yes , English, Spanish.

Bright Futures Learning Center LLC app. We are working on putting everything you need at your finger tips. Our goal is to make getting things done easy and fast.

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Bright Futures Learning Center contact us directly for any additional questions. Lic # - 197700191